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COVID-19 Cleaning in Bakersfield, CA

11/19/2021 (Permalink)

COVID-19 Cleaning COVID-19 Cleaning for a confirmed case at a commercial property in Bakersfield, CA

Here at SERVPRO we work as a team, after all teamwork makes the dream work! After fogging the building we disinfect ALL of the highly touched surfaces. Everything is wiped down with single use towels so there's no cross contamination.

What is Fogging?

Fogging is just one step in our process of disinfecting a premises.

We fog the air space and highly touched surfaces of a contaminated premises with a fine mist of SERVPROXIDE, a hospital grade non-bleach disinfectant.

Fogging allows us to ensure smaller, harder to reach areas are disinfected and to see to it that you get the most disinfecting coverage throughout the property.

Not all companies utilize this method, but here at SERVPRO we believe it is a vital step to take when providing our customers the professional level of service they expect. 

Fire damage in Bakersfield, CA

2/17/2020 (Permalink)

Overview of damages Photo upon arrival of the damages caused by the fire.

This was a fire damage in Bakersfield CA. Our cleaning crew cleaned air ducts and setup an air scrubber in order to clean up the air. Then set up a vapor shark to deodorize and make the smell go away. Will give an example of what our cleaning crew can do for you. We will start by taking inventory of any non-salvageable items that way your insurance company can pay you for your contents, or valuables. Then start with the cleaning.

In the Garage they Hepa vacuumed walls, ceilings and flooring, chem sponge as well, cleaned garage sectional 16’ door, (2) door slabs, 34 lf. Door trim, (3) openings, garage door opener. Cleaned contents. In the Laundry room; Hepa vacuum ceiling and walls, wet wiped as well, cleaned 2 door slabs, 34 lf. Of door trim, light fixture, exhaust fan, upper cabinets, register, baseboard, vinyl floor. CONTENTS; detached and reset washer and dryer, cleaned washer and dryer.

Hallway: hepa vacuum ceiling, walls and carpet. chem sponged as well, cleaned and deodorize carpet, door slabs, door trim, baseboards, light fixtures, wall hangings. All rooms that were affected were also detail cleaned and vacuumed. SERVPRO Of NW Bakersfield will clean your home from top to bottom, starting from the biggest item to the smallest. If you want to look "Like it never even happened," call us and we can make that happen!

Fire loss in town

2/12/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damage Photo of the cause of loss after.

There was a fire loss in town and SERVPRO Of NW Bakersfield was called out to help clean up and haul off all debris. Cause of loss was a pot that was left on the kitchen stove. Our technicians had to extract water & perform remediation services due to the water that was thrown directly to the fire in order to put the fire out. Our cleaning crew had to clean the cook top and the glass that had broken as a result of the loss. Affected cleaning of the soft goods were performed by a professional dry cleaning restoration company. Our packing crew had to inventory, pack, and box affected items, which after are taken to our warehouse to get properly deep and detailed cleaned, then place in a contained area set up with a ozone machine in order to remove the smell for good. Proper equipment was set up as well. Keep in mind there will be some items that won't be able to get restored and will have to be replaced. 

Water and mold damage in town

2/7/2020 (Permalink)

After mold remediation Photo after all mold was removed.

Why choose SERVPRO? 

Simply because even the insurance adjusters know how well we perform our work and why they refer us to their customers. In this claim the adjuster suggested to the homeowner to use us for the emergency services. Upon technician's arrival homeowner’s mom showed them the water intrusion and also stated that this had happened before. The cause of loss was copper piping busted in kitchens exterior wall from ceiling to flooring. Our technicians performed a moisture inspection throughout all affected and adjacent areas that could have been affected as well. They found moisture in 2 areas which were the kitchen and the dining area. There was more than 10 sqft of mold in both kitchen and dining room that had to be removed. Contained all exposed drywall and set up equipment that was needed. Remember we are here for you whenever you need us!

Water loss in Bakersfield, CA

2/7/2020 (Permalink)

Equipment set up After equipment was set up.

Cause of loss for this claim was the ice maker water supply line that burst behind the refrigerator. Our technicians performed a moisture inspection in all affected and adjacent areas. High moisture levels were detected in the kitchen, garage, pantry, living room, dining room, office and storage closet. Homeowner stated they found the entire kitchen dining and pantry all flooded about 1/2 inch of water. They started to vacuum it using a shop vac, but the water was still coming out from the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Our customers stated that they were happy we were there to help them clean up the damage. Our technicians removed all affected wood baseboards and drilled vent holes in affected areas, extracted carpet and removed wet padding in living room. After, set up drying equipment to speed up the process. Call the professionals at SERVPRO Of NW Bakersfield.  

Commercial/Church water damage in Bakersfield, CA

1/29/2020 (Permalink)

After equipment set up This picture is showing after equipment was set and also showing moisture readings of flooring.

This was a commercial water loss at a church, our technicians met with the church Gowns men which stated that water intrusion came from the men's restroom, sink water supply line broke, the customer said they found the leak and water damage on Sunday morning. So why choose SERVPRO? Well because our technicians care about you and understand your frustration in a time like this, the reason why they will take the time to explain to you what they need to do or remove. They also show you with our moisture meter the affected areas that are showing high levels of moisture and why the materials have to be removed.  For example, the vinyl flooring in bathrooms and carpet and in all affected areas had to be removed. Our technicians set up proper equipment in order to speed up drying process.  Please keep in mind if you are going through your insurance company we will ask for approval before we start, or if you decide to pay out of pocket then we get approvals from you before we start work as well. We want to make you happy and care for our customers. Commercial or residential no job is too big or too small for us, therefore call us if you need our help. 

Water loss in Bakersfield, CA

1/28/2020 (Permalink)

Equipment set up After equipment was set up, also showing technician is taking readings.

This was a water loss here in Bakersfield CA. SERVPRO Of NW was called out to help with the emergency services. It was business after hours, however we were there shortly after and our customer was grateful that we did. Upon arrival our technicians had to perform a heavy extraction on all affected hard surface floors. Technicians also had to tear out affected baseboard, along with wet carpet pad, cleaned up and finally set up equipment to speed up drying process. Technicians also lift carpet in order to dry up faster. Hauled off all affected materials and debris. Content manipulation had to be performed. We will tear out cabinetry when it's necessary and get approvals with your insurance company before we begin the work. That way your not stuck with a bill. Technicians also removed the counter top and tear out non-salvageable vinyl flooring due to high levels of moisture. Washing machine had to be removed & reset along with the dryer while emergency services took place. We are here for you, all you have to do is relax and watch us do the work for you!

Flooded School In Delano

1/27/2020 (Permalink)

Equipment set-up After equipment was set up.

This was a school that had a large water loss a day before school started. They called SERVPRO Of NW Bakersfield to go out and assist with emergency services. A total of 18 rooms were affected. Our technicians set up proper equipment and there was no need to cut any drywall, it dried in place within a few days. The customer was happy with us because there was no need for demolition and saved them money. They were also happy with our work and how quickly we responded to their emergency. There is no job too small or too big for us! We are available 24/7 for you day or night and including all holidays. Call us and we promise you will not only be impressed with our work, but most important of all you will be happy you chose us the company that can make it "Like it never even happened." 

Water Damage To A Commercial Store In Town

1/27/2020 (Permalink)

Temp Roof Tarp Overview of the temporary roof tarp.

This was a commercial store that had water damage to their roof. Bakersfield had heavy winds and rain that week and they needed a temporary roof tarp until they fixed the leak. Upon our technicians arrival they had to extract water that had came through the roof due to a leak they have. Our technician went into the attic area to see where the leak was at and then set up a bin underneath it, in order to prevent not to leak onto the floor. However we advised to fix the leak as soon as possible. The coordinator was happy we got there shortly after they called us for this emergency and let us know how happy they were with our office staff along with the technicians that all are very friendly. Keep SERVPRO Of NW Bakersfield always in mind when you need any emergency services.

Storm/Roof Inspection

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

After roof was temp tarped Roof After

SERVPRO Of NW Bakersfield was called out to perform a roof inspection. Our inspector inspected the roof then the roof was tarped by our technicians. They used sand bags in order to keep the tarp from lifting with the heavy winds. There is no visible wind nor storm related damages to any of the roof elevations. The only damage discovered were the broken tiles right along the area where the roof was tarped. There is a lot of debris and a lot of cat fecal matter in the valleys and the rain water is not properly draining down the valley. Inspector lifted some of the tiles by the valleys and found debris and that is the exact area where the rain water was seeping into the kitchen ceiling. Call us for any emergency services you may need, even if your not sure what type of work we specialize in we are here for you to answer any questions you have.