Water Damage Photo Gallery

Showing moisture readings

Water damage to wall

Water loss in Bakersfield, CA. Cause of loss came from failed water heater. Our technicians found visible microbial growth in den area. Less than 10sqft. Den area has affected walls, shelving, carpet and pad. Water heater has affected walls and wooden door. Home did need to be tested for asbestos due to the year built which is 1979, therefore they only set up dehumidifier to control moisture and begin mitigation services that day. Needed to ask insurance for approvals to order testing and then get it scheduled as soon as possible. Waited for results once we receive them and they come back negative we are able to move forward with mitigation services. Our customer was happy with our work and how quickly we worked through it all. Call us for great work ethic and faster service to you!

Before affected ceiling was removed

Before bubbled up ceiling was removed

This was a water damage in town. SERVPRO of NW Bakersfield was called to come out and check how much damage was caused to the insureds ceiling due to a leak from the attic. When our technicians arrived they found the ceiling paint had already bubbled up as you can see in this photo. End result, the affected ceiling had to be removed along with all wet insulation that was affected. Finally, our technicians set up equipment after to make sure all affected areas were completely dry and had reached their goal. For those who don't know SERVPRO can also do the repairs for you. Have any questions? Please give us a call. 

Water loss in Bakersfield, CA

This was a water loss due to the water heater that failed. Causing water damage to the hallway,laundry, bathroom, and two bedrooms. Due to year of home this job had to be tested for lead and asbestos although considering the fact that the testing and results can take up to 2-3 days this job was done in no time and the homeowner was very happy with us. Homeowner requested for us to do the repairs and was happy as well with the end results. Call SERVPRO Of NW Bakersfield at 661-588-3975.

Commercial water damage

This was a commercial water loss. Sprinkler busted inside the buildings kitchen and flooded 10 rooms. Flooring affected was tile, and carpet. Set up enough equipment in order for the business to get back to normal in no time. We stated to our customer we make disasters "Like it never even happened." Also assure them they would be happy once its completed. Once drying process was completed owner was happy with our work.    

Carpet removal from water damage

In many cases just like this one, once an exceeding amount of water has flowed onto carpet, it must be removed. After, we can begin the dry down of the foundation underneath and the repairs. 

Roof Leak

SERVPRO of NW Bakersfield responded to a job on 12/23/16 that led to a roof inspection. There was a significant amount of water entering from the roof into the home. This caused unfortunate water damage and so our work began.